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Types of Photographic Light Sources

Oct 26, 2023

As a Photographic Lighting Supplier, Optake wants to tell you that the light sources commonly used in photography are divided into two categories: Natural light sources & Artificial light sources.

1.  Natural Light

Natural light refers to the direct light and sky light of the sun, the diffuse light of the cloudy, rainy, snowy, sky, the moonlight and starlight.

The intensity and direction of natural light can’t be arbitrarily adjusted and controlled by the photographer, and can only be selected and waited. Photographers should pay attention to the effects of changes in natural light on the light used in photography.

2.  Artificial Light

Artificial light is a commonly used light source for photography. It is easy to use and flexible. Its illumination intensity, illumination direction, illumination height, illumination distance, light color temperature, and others all can be controlled by the photographer.

If you want to shoot perfect photography, artificial light is essential. And we provide a variety of photographic lighting tools, welcome to contact us at any time, to get the most appropriate high quality products. In addition, we are aslo supplier of Photography Backdrop & Tripod Stand. Looking forward to our first cooperation.


                                                                               Light Needs in Photography Industry

Light is one of the most important aspects of photography. In photography industry, light means the location of light source concerning the subject, which can be natural light or artificial light. The direction and quality of the light can change definition and tones of the photo and even the emotion it conveys. If you satisfy the following conditions, you can be a better photographer.

If you run a new photography studio light, just begin your live broadcasting or if you are a new learner about short video shooting, it may bring you difficulties to assemble various lights in photography studio. However, a better understanding of various photography broadcasting and lights can help you ensure what kind of light equipment you want. 


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