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Telephoto lens could help smart phone users from Optake

Oct 26, 2023

Telephoto lens from Optake could help smart phone users

China — If people want to use a mobile phone to take clearly long distance pictures, the shoot vision of the camera on telephone should be the stable flaw. Even the parameters of the telephone camera is very powerful, they will rarely contain with the zooming feature or the function to reach the telephoto effect. In that case, the telephone photos taker could purchase the iphone telescope from optake.com.

When people are watching the football matches, concerts or other renewable public activities and want to use the phone to shoot vision, then the optional telephoto phone camera lens could help them reach to this effect. Such lenses have two kinds. The first one is the zoom lens without the function of the telephoto and it likes the telescope, which can achieve four times, eight times or twelve time zooming effect. The other one is the normally zooming phone camera lens.

Now, we set a 12 times telephoto lens as example. The twelve time phone camera lens can provide the most recent three meters Focus and twelve times magnification. If they install it on the smart phone, the phone¡¯s camera can be turned into the professional 400mm telephoto lens which already meets with normally people’s need.

The long distance telephoto lens from optake.com could be mainly divided into the lens for iphone and universal lens for mobile phones. iPhone special lens usually equip with the special multi-shell phone which could help to fix the lens on the phone shell. The common lens needs a clip to finishing the fixing function. To make shooting process become more stability, these products also come with the tripod. Although telephoto lens can make phone shot insufficient vision, but it does not change the phone pixels and it could only magnify the shooting image.

The famous iphone telescope online seller www.optake.com reminds friends that the twelve times telephoto lenses just like telescopes which will let the shooting photos become slightly deformed. Moreover, most of these lenses from other online seller own varied quality and some rough work products are the simply integrating of two magnifying glasses, the quality of photo shooting of these products are very roughly which will have very big difference when it compared with the professional products.

It is indeed that people need to purchase the high quality fisheye lens for telephone from the professional suppliers such as www.optake.com which has already devoted into this industry for many years.

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