URPOWER asked if I wanted to test out their new hardwired (not bluetooth) Monopod (aka “Selfie Stick”)… and of course I said YES! I wanted one of these bad boys! This thing is super easy to get setup. I use a Galaxy Note 4, so I cannot use the orange rubber adapter. But, my phone holds in great none the less with the cradle. Adjusting the necessary angles is very easy.

ANDROID 4.0 USERS: You **MIGHT** need to try a different phone app than the stock app for this device to work!!! The default Samsung camera app did not work. When I hit the shutter button on the handle, the camera tries to “zoom” in. I just use the Google phone app, and it works great. iPhone devices work with no problem out of the box.

The camera holds in place very well while using it in this monopod stick. There is very little to no vibration when moving. The stick itself closes up nicely and is easy to tote around in a backpack or camera bag.

This particular selfie stick is “wired”, so it does have to be plugged into the phones headphone jack. I prefer this over the bluetooth type, because bluetooth can be finicky.

You can’t beat the price on this… you can’t go wrong.

- Works out of the box with iPhones.
- Easy to use.
- Small footprint.
- Easy to tote around.

- Android 4.0 users MAY have to get/use a different phone app.
- If you do not set your phone all the way in the cradle, it may fall out, and cause the stick to bend/rotate due to the weight of the device.

I was given a sample for evaluation and a unbiased review.

Post time: Oct-16-2017