Tripod vs Monopod vs Light-weight Stand or C-Stand?

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How to Maintain It Up

There arrives a time in any all-natural gentle photographers’ journey that they decide that they are just not fully content with just relying on what they are offered. They want a lot more. They want to flash folks and issues. But occasionally they have issue maintaining it up. There are a several choices in your neighborhood pictures shop, or a lot more very likely, on Amazon, B&H or Adorama. What are these choices?

The Lightweight Tripod

Mine is produced by Sirui. It truly is 1kg with a little ball head. It truly is fantastic for the sizing and value. It will get the camera/off-camera flash significant enough off the floor to be pretty helpful. It truly is not significant enough for a lot of pictures lights arrangements. I do not point out it in the online video, but occasionally I screw a monopod onto it to change the central column. It truly is a precarious but helpful option if you can find minor wind and a gentle modifier. It truly is generally my go-to choice.

The Monopod or Voice Activated Light-weight Stand or Increase

This is as straightforward as putting the flash on a stick and allowing anyone else maintain it earlier mentioned the product/scene. Joey L utilizes one particular, so does Annie Leibovitz. Perfectly, their pictures assistants do. It serves a double objective as a monopod of training course, and also as a microphone boom pole. Unless of course you strategy to recruit folks and educate them, you may have to have an assistant, or more arms like the Hindu God Shiva.

The Light-weight Stand

They occur in a number of dimensions. They are fantastic when you’re operating within or with flat floor. They can get the flash or speedlight very significant. You’ll have to have to ballast them so they do not tumble above. Some are very transportable, other individuals are not. I obtain them a suffering mainly because if the floor isn’t even, they are unstable. It truly is also very tough to excess weight them down mainly because of the design.

The Large, Weighty Tripod

This was basically my go-to gentle stand in advance of I got the Pixapro C-Stand, and I nevertheless use it a lot. It truly is fantastic on uneven floor, can be ballasted by hanging the camera bag with all the lenses from it, and it get the flash as significant as you’d commonly have to have it. Manfrotto make high quality is excellent, and of training course it’s helpful as a strong tripod too. It truly is a hefty beast nevertheless.

The C-Stand

Pretty the monster, this Century Stand from Pixapro will get the flash nicely and truly off the camera, and accurately where you want it. The most important issue for me is the boom and the sturdiness. It truly is expensive relative to a little gentle stand, but I figured that I might not have to change it at any time. It truly is incredibly nicely produced, and clients look to like the appear of it on set. It truly is not very as adaptable as my enormous tripod on uneven floor but it will get the camera flash or even a greater online video gentle a lot better and boomed earlier mentioned the issue. I’m happy I invested in it mainly because it gives me a lot more handle above lights on the shoots. It just about fits in the motor vehicle but is bulkier than the other choices. It truly is hefty, but not too tough to carry about.

So those are some choices for receiving your flash off camera and where you want it for your pictures. Of training course much a lot more vital is basically what or whom you’re photographing and where you set your lights, but usually folks want to just study about the equipment that they can invest in, as they mistake a lot more machines with remaining capable to choose superior photographs. Obtain expertise, not equipment, or something like that. But check with thoughts, I want to do a lot more Youtube video clips so pleased to make video clips about matters that you obtain intriguing.


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Entire disclaimer: Pixapro have said they are going to give me a little lower price on the C-Stand which will protect the further postage expenses of delivery this sort of a hefty, cumbersome merchandise overseas – commonly their postage would be free of charge. I shopped all around a lot, like searching at importing from China and this was the greatest value C-Stand I could obtain. Test charges your self at

Post time: Oct-20-2016