Spyglass – GPS outside navigation toolkit for wildlife monitoring & survival (Iphone, iPad, iOS)

Spyglass is a impressive outside and off-street navigation toolkit for those people who trek all over wilderness and need to have a trusted backup. Down load on the Application Keep:


This overview video displays what you will see when you initially open and get started utilizing Spyglass, handles its major capabilities, modes and customization choices.



Spyglass is an all-in-one particular navigation toolkit for those people who trek all over wilderness and need to have significantly much more muscle than regular maps and regular navigators. Developed mostly for outside and off-street navigation, it serves as higher-tech viewfinder (HUD), milspec compass with maps, gyrocompass, tactical GPS, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sunlight, Moon and star finder, gyro horizon, rangefinder, variometer, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, angular calculator and camera.


Among the Spyglass customers are: hunters, sailors, off-roaders, hikers, geocachers, bikers, land surveyors, engineers, pilots, marines, astronomers, S&R staff, SWAT snipers, military troopers, firemen, policemen, authentic estate agents, photographers, application architects, etcetera.


Spyglass uses camera as a viewfinder and overlays a myriad of positional data utilizing every single sensor readily available on your unit. Help save your custom made locations and waypoints, see them on maps or augmented reality display screen and navigate exactly to them later. Navigate by the sun, moon and stars, evaluate dimensions of objects, snap shots with all the data overlaid and hire one particular of a dozen different coordinate devices, ranging from civilian to navy.

Here’s the record of the most prevalent uses amid Spyglass house owners:
• mark looking and fishing spots and navigate to them later
• hike/push in off the overwhelmed path and remain on study course
• obtain your way out of swamps, thick jungles and secluded mangrove bayous
• see where you are and which way you are pointing
• obtain your boat launch or way to the harbor at night/in the fog
• as a backup to major nav devices on a boat/plane/in a vehicle
• mark locations where you obtain factors and doc them with shots
• check out altitude on hikes
• obtain where you’ve remaining your vehicle in the woods or in a parking large amount
• get precise automobile speed
• level satellite dishes
• estimate heights of structures
• calculate length and angles
• change coordinates
• regulate vertical speed when traveling
• doc the locations you have frequented to get back to them later
• obtain your way when in odd cities or if you have no sense of route
• align your telescope push
• for geocaching, esp. for puzzle caches that guide you through numerous jumps to a goal
• doc important places on the house for potential/historic reference
• check out house boundaries and space directions
• notify which directions fences and roadways are working
• acquire pictures of path dangers/violations/incidents, overlaid with the location data (latitude and longitude, etcetera.)
• for accident investigations and ad hoc planning
• obtain precise grids out in the center of nowhere
• for search and rescue emergencies
• plot medevac landing zones
• for pitch, roll and heading data in an plane
• for construction orientation style and design perform and subject documenting creating parameters
• do web-site surveys in distant places
• line up microwave backlinks on are living photograph-shots
• for navy and wild land firefighting reports
• entice young children away from Tv and inspire them to check out the outdoor
• set up navigation devices on vessels and verify their accuracy
• orient home furnishings in accordance to feng shui

Post time: Nov-02-2016