Skype Mobile phone Adapter

Skype is a well-liked laptop software package that permits its consumers to make video clip cellular phone calls over the internet. Skype also has the capacity to spot standard cellular phone calls for a smaller price tag. NetCentrics has created an application that utilizes Skype to make standard and video clip cellular phone calls, but we would like to generate a superior way to interface with Skype. Non-laptop savvy people battle with microphone and webcam set up that is important for Skype calls. You will recreate a acquainted cellular phone interface, the standard phone handset, so that it can be used for Skype cellular phone calls.

The first part of your task will be to integrate a speaker and microphone that can perform with a laptop. When a consumer makes a Skype contact, alternatively of using the computer’s microphone and speakers, they can the microphone within the mouthpiece and the speaker within the earpiece.

The second part of your task will be to intercept and decode DTMF (twin tone multi frequency) tones to capture which cellular phone number the consumer is attempting to dial. You will the go the cellular phone number to our application (using a structure that you design and style) so that a Skype contact can be initiated.

Post time: Sep-07-2016