Photography tutorial: Having fisheye additional |

This pictures tutorial reveals how to use a fisheye lens to photograph huge topics in a tiny room, and adjust for publicity challenges that arise with a wide variety of light sources. Look at more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the Foundations of Photography: Specialty Lenses study course introduced by author Ben Long. The total study course is 3 hours and forty six minutes extensive and explores the creative choices that specialised lenses and attachments give, from extremely-large angle to extremely-telephoto to macro, tilt-change, and more

1. Knowledge Specialty Lenses
2. Performing with Lens Attachments
3. Performing with Wide Angle
four. Shooting Super Telephoto
five. Knowledge Macro
six. Employing Tilt-Shift Lenses
7. Checking out Specialized Lenses
8. Developing Lens Effects Digitally

Post time: Sep-18-2016