Pakpod Packable Tripod – World’s Most Versatile Camera Mount

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Introducing the ultimate adventure tripod. Compact, lightweight, waterproof, and quick to deploy, Pakpod is more versatile than any tripod on the market today. Weighing less than a pound and constructed from the same durable stuff as bike and ski helmets, Pakpod is easily stashed in your backpack. And it’s fast. The patented locking system secures all three legs in wildly asymmetrical positions with the twist of a single knob. It’s the first tripod that lets you stake securely into grass, dirt, sand and snow. Invented by Maine-based free diving film maker Steve Underwood, Pakpod represents a significant advancement in the otherwise stagnant world of tripods and mounts.

We’ve mounted Pakpod on just about everything – trees, fences, signposts, ceiling fans, car hoods, kayaks, rock walls, bicycles, hammocks, baby swings, sailboat masts, white water rafts and more. We’ve staked it into sand dunes, grassy fields, river bottoms and the ocean floor. In fact, we’ve stopped testing its mountability because the options were kind of endless.

“I searched for years for a tripod that could be anchored, tied, staked and rigged to things quickly and securely. I couldn’t find one, so I built it myself.” – Steve Underwood, Pakpod Inventor

Lightweight: 15.5 ounces
Length when folded: 12.75”
Waterproof and freeze-proof
Patented, one-twist locking system
Easily stashable in a small bag, pack or suitcase
Legs rapidly extend and retract with the push of a button
Legs move independently through a 180 degree range of motion
Constructed from high-impact ABS plastic and stainless steel
Rotating feet stake into grass, dirt, sand and snow
Unparalleled level of versatility
36 tie-down points
MSRP: $99

RIG IT: Hang it. Bungee it. Bolt it. Tape it. Tie-wrap it. Attach two cameras. Create a hand-held rig.
LOCK IT: Lock all three legs in wildly asymmetrical positions with the twist of a single knob.
STAKE IT: Fully adjustable flip-out stakes allow you to secure Pakpod into grass, dirt, sand and snow.
PACK IT: Pakpod is compact, making it easy to stash or lash. At less than one pound, it won’t slow you down.
USE IT: Waterproof, freezeproof, and constructed with ABS and stainless steel, Pakpod is built for the outdoors.

Weight: 15.5oz [440g]
Length (Legs retracted): 12.75” [32cm]
Length (Legs extended): 17.75” [45cm]
Tripod Mount Stud: 1/4-20 Thread
Tripod Mount Hole: 1/4-20 Thread
Frame Material: High Impact ABS
Stud & Fasteners: Stainless Steel
Tools: 3 Hex Head/Phillips wrenches
Tie-down Points: 36
Stake Length: 3.25” [8.2cm]
Leg Max Angular Range: 180º
Stake Max Angular Range: 290º
Capacity (Legs retracted @ 45º): 11lb
Capacity (Legs extended @ 45º): 5.5lb
MSRP: $99

Pakpod is a trademark of Deep Blue Design, LLC
Patents pending. Please stake responsibly!

Post time: Sep-12-2017