Manfrotto BeFree Carbon Fibre Tripod Review – Teck Vlog

From Manfrotto Canada Pro Sarah Thomas Moffat:

The BeFree lightweight tripod from Manfrotto surprised me with performance. Most lightweight, small tripods tend to be flimsy, don’t perform well for a camera on a long exposure, the locks snap and break easily, and other faults. However when testing all of these challenges on a shoot with the BeFree I was impressed.

The carbon fiber version features 100 % carbon fiber legs that ensure great lightness, transportability and rigidity – all in one product. The Befree carbon weighs just 1,1 kg (2.42 lbs). I was able to roll locked off video from this tripod without concern for jiggle. What was a better discovery though was that I could take the ball head off, and use it on my slider. This was good considering we over looked a head for the slider on that day, Manfrotto BeFree saved the day!

The amazing design on compactness takes up no room at all being 15 inches long, yet can extend to a hieght of 56 inches at full extension. The other cool aspect about this design is that you can invert the tripod to under-sling the camera for those unusual macro shots while maintaining total rigid support a tripod should provide.
Checkout the video for my demo, thanks!

Thanks to Inspired Image Picture Company and Carolyn Irwin for the support!
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Post time: Sep-04-2017