Laser Length Meter – brief precise dimensions measurement. Android application for telephones and tablets.

Laser Length Meter is a digicam length evaluate tool for brief estimation of distances and duration. You can use any reference item with known dimensions for measurements. Laser Length Meter has also automated mode with graphic processing where by you can make a measurement with only one particular click on!

* The application functions Automatic Measurement mode with graphic processing for one particular click on measurements.

(!) Calibration Guide:

Any android digicam device, phone or pill, can be applied for measurement. Just follow the method to calibrate your device and you are all set to evaluate distances to any item with your digicam.

Using regular objects like car, window, golfing flag, human top, and so on. as a reference you can evaluate distances to them – just pick out tailor made option and enter an item dimensions value.

LaserDistanceMeter has a listing of frequently applied reference objects like credit score card, Letter or A4 sheet, cash, DVD disk, and so on.

The App reveals measurement benefits in distinctive models: meters, millimeters, centimeters, ft, inches primarily based on consumer options.

The application has adhering to distinct functions:

– automated measurement mode
– distinctive measurement models
– listing of predefined reference objects
– ability to outline any tailor made item as a reference item
– ability to calibrate any android digicam to use for measurements
– ability to use non-vertical and non-horizontal reference objects or functions
– brief calibration with predefined regular objects.
– help you save and share measurement benefits
– exposure regulate

This application can be helpful for outside and activity functions: golfing, hiking, touring, and so on., where by brief estimation of distances is needed.
It also can be applied to evaluate place or apartment dimensions, length in between partitions (utilizing regular objects as electric powered outlet, doorway width or top, regular window dimensions), or make measurement on building internet sites, to do land measurement and surveying, as a rangefinder.
For instance two persons can evaluate out landscape and length utilizing top of one particular individual as the reference.
It is also quite easy to evaluate person’s top with this application. In automated mode you can evaluate top of your youngsters speedily and with fantastic precision, and help you save the measurement shots for your development records.

Using the tailor made option you can make measurements in huge assortment dependent on a reference item dimensions: from mm to km, from inches to miles.

Remember to delight in the Laser Length Meter and thank you for your aid!
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Post time: Oct-03-2016