Kowa 6mm f/1.8 Ultra Wide Angle lens Video Test (Shot it with GH4)

This is the Kowa 6mm f/1.8 lens video test
Fast aperture wide angle lens is always a dream for Micro Four Thirds system camera. I have been searching everywhere. The widest non fisheye lens that we can get in the market are Panasonic 7-14mm f/4.0 or the recent release Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 Pro Lens. I personally got the Panasonic 7-14mm f/4 one. But the low light is really bad. Because I do Wedding video myself. And I always put the Panny 7-14mm f/4.0 lens on my GH4 and do the SteadiCam shot. But I found that having f/4 at night with ISO 4000 is unacceptable. So I did a lot of research then end up purchasing this Kowa 6mm f/1.8 C mount lens. This lens is not made for MFT system. It’s mainly for Super 16mm sensor camera, such as BMPCC or Digital Bolex camera. The lens only cover 1 inch sensor. So it won’t work on normal MFT camera. But as we all know GH4 has cropped even further (2.34x). So after I put on a Metabones C mount adapter. It works perfectly. You do not need to modify the lens mount at all. This 6mm lens is about 13.8mm full frame equivalent. Its just as wide as a GoPro action camera. And you’re still getting f/1.8 fast aperture. Its great for video shooters. But there are still some Pros and Cons about this lens which I have pointed that out below.

Ultra Wide Angle
Fast aperture
Small and Light

Only works on 4K Mode
Can’t put ND filter
No lens hood (It gets a lot of lens flare sometime)
Needs an adapter to make it work on GH4

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Filmed and edited by Steve Chan
Music by Berni Law

Post time: Oct-22-2017