jupiter as a result of amateur telescope

this movie exhibits the posibilities of modest amateur telescopes. almost everything you see is captured with a telescope that is 8 inch or lesser. jupiter for example was captured with a celestron C6 schmidt cassegrain telescope and a typical CMOS webcam ( windows lifecam studio ) . saturn, captured with the zwo asi 120mm, which also is a CMOS camera, was recorded as a result of a meade 8″ schmidt cassegrain telescope. the zwo camera brings the similar general performance as the cameras from the imaging source, but it is way considerably less costly and it is way far more functional. it has 1.2 megapixel and you can decide on eighteen different resolutions with up to one hundred thirty FPS which includes a 2by2 bining manner which brings together 2 pixel to 1 so the sensivity doubles ( the DMK21 only tends to make 640×480 pixel). in my feeling the zwo is a person of the ideal cameras you can invest in for this purpose!

Post time: Oct-17-2016