jibmax 750 12′ JIB Crane Camera Portable with Tripod Stand and Monitor

Inspired Craftsmanship
Handcrafted and MADE in the USA

JibMax 750 12 ft crane – the first lightweight, portable and easy to assemble within a matter of minutes with no tools required. It is controlled by a joystick that enables easy navigation of the motorized moving head to any direction and any 360 degree angle . This is the best investment you can make to complete your video equipment to record amazing videos and footage of unbelievable depth and optimum quality. With the JibMax 750 12′ crane, you’ll be able to record amazing and unbelievable footage that will really hold people’s attention. It’s broad range of compatibility and wallet friendly price make it the smartest addition to your equipment list. The crane mounts easily to a sturdy tripod or to our crane stand. You can attach any digital video camera or still camera up to 15lbs. It will arrive mostly pre-assembled, so setup is a breeze, and it takes very little skill to operate! No tools are required. Minutes after you take it out of the box you’ll be immersed into a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you’re shooting commercials, music videos, weddings or films, a JibMax will grow your business and make your projects better than ever.

Post time: Sep-30-2017