ikross 3 in 1 GoPro Iphone Selfie Mini Tripod Stick Phone Mount

this is my review of “Monopod Selfie Stick, iKross 3-in-1 GoPro Hero / smartphone / Camera Monopod Selfie Handheld Extendable Stick Pole with Mount Holder & Mini Tripod”

A full featured set for your mobile, random, and sports needs! I am so happy with this kit, when I first bought it I was a bit doubtful, I only wanted the mini tripod, however after receiving it I was sold! That tiny little tripod has so many hidden features and angles or articulation it practically pays for itself. YOu can adjust how wide you want the legs to open, you can extend the tiny legs (which was a surprise to me) and the top part can be angled in a myriad of ways.
Mount holder: IT FITS MY IPHONE 6S PLUS!
Selfie Stick: If you adjust it corrently, it stays in place, and the fact that you can set the desired length, even if you wave the stick around while water surfind, it stays in place, unlike antenna like selfie sticks with tend to lenghten or shorten when in action.
The top part that attaches to the gopros or action cameras can be angled as well to your desired setting, I suggest you stick some sand paper, or regular paper between the plastic connections with gorpos, for added security of it not changing angles.
Overall I am happy to say it’s been a month, and It’s come in handly plenty of times, and it all fits in the small pocket of my bag, sometimes for field captureing and scene recommendation shooting, i would have to luck a small tripod, with this those days are over.

You can find it here – http://amzn.to/1nQ86fh

Post time: Oct-28-2017