How to Make a Mini Tripod for Your Camera

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Flip an previous tennis ball into a nifty camera tripod in just minutes. Inspired by an venture:

When wielding a knife, razor blade, observed, or drill, normally use severe warning.

Phase 1: Halve the tennis ball
Consider an previous tennis ball—one that has shed its bounce—and lower it in 50 % with a knife, scissors, razor blade, or observed.

Phase two: Mark out the first foot
Consider a pen and, at the bottom edge of one 50 % of the tennis ball, wherever you like, make a tiny mark that reaches about 50 % an inch up the facet of the ball. Then make a different pen mark 50 % an inch away from that. This established of marks signifies the first “foot” of your tripod.

Phase 3: Mark out the second and third feet
Mark out the second foot by transferring one and a 50 % inches away alongside the edge of the ball and building a mark there and a mark 50 % an inch from that. Repeat this method one much more time, building a third established of marks one and a 50 % inches away from the second established.

Phase four: Slash out the feet
Flatten the ball and lower away, in a straight line, the room involving the three ‘feet’ you have just established with your pen marks. When you launch the ball, you are going to have a dome with three feet that are separated by arches.

Phase five: Slash a hole in the top
At the top of the dome, draw a circle about the dimensions of a quarter and lower that out.

You might also lower out a minor square adjacent to the circle to make a keyhole design and style this will enable you to tilt the tripod in distinctive directions.

Phase 6: Make washers
Consider the other 50 % of the tennis ball and lower two circles out of it, every single around one and a 50 % inches in diameter. Then lower a quarter-inch hole in the useless centre of every single circle to make two washers.

If you have a hole puncher or a drill with a quarter-inch little bit, use that to make the centre holes.

Phase 7: Start out assembling the tripod
Consider a quarter-inch-by-one-inch, twenty-thread, nylon machine screw and keep it so that it points up, with the screw head on the bottom. Now thrust one of the washers, rounded facet up, all the way down the screw until finally it touches the screw head.

Phase eight: Complete assembling the tripod
Next, thrust the tripod dome down more than the washer. Eventually, thrust the second washer, rounded facet up, down on top of the dome. The washer, dome, and washer should all match snugly jointly.

Phase 9: Connect camera
Locate the tripod mounting hole that is on the bottom of all cameras, both film and digital, and place it more than the screw sticking out of your tennis ball tripod. Voilà! You’ve bought a pocket camera tripod.

Did You Know?
A tennis ball is still great if it bounces involving fifty three and 58 inches when dropped from a peak of 100 inches.

Post time: Oct-11-2016