How to Make a Cell Phone Macro Lens – takes amazing pics

Make your own DIY cell phone macro lens out of salvaged / recycled parts. You can take amazing close up pictures with your cell phone camera with this attachment. I have Dialed in the process that I use to arrive at an easily added and removed DIY macro lens that does not harm my phone or leave any marks. Want to take a close up picture of a single hair, pixels, coins and more? With this lens you can capture incredible close up detail using the camera on your phone. The best part… I did not have to buy a single thing to make the project in this video.

I a previous video we took apart a disposable camera which is also a good place to get lenses for projects like this one ( – What’s Inside a Disposable Camera DID v3).

In future videos I will show you how I made a macro lens camera light for the attachment in this project. I will also be making a video showing how I turned my cell phone into a microscope capable of capturing pictures and video!

Post time: Sep-07-2017