Gopro vs dslr (fisheye lens)

I know, i know, we can`t compare apples and oranges….but if we could only pick one, we would have to find similar attributes in order to choose which one to eat right? So this is what i did here. I took a lens that is about as wide as the gopro and i decided to make a test to see if i keep the fisheye or not because its just collecting dust since i got the gopro. Here are a few tests, you shoudl judge only by what you need because the list of pros and cons goes on forever. This is why i keep both cameras but might get rid of this lens only. This test is for video only, the dslr would kill the gopro for photography. the rokinon has a max aperture of 3.5 and its not a very expensive lens.
No color grading at all.

Post time: Oct-13-2017