Generic 1000m Laser Distance Meter Rangefinder Laser Level

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Feature 21mm Objective Lens 6x Magnification Power 7.2view Angle 16mm Pupil Precision To +/-1 M Range : Lw600spi Lw1000spi Closest : 4m 5m Speed 3v Battery (cr2) Waterproof not include eyepiece) 1the boot screen Press to default is “ranging” 2 Unit conversion Long M to switch the of M and Y. “scan”, “flagpole lock” and “fog” four you M to My the will be used in unified. In the the of the value needs to be converted 3 Low voltage When the the products is too the pattern has shown to replace the 4 Selection M in the and ” ” to start the appears, and hold to the the function, the in the box around the icon flashes. The in the back and forth on both sides of the flagpole, the of the data to the will be and the banner the is no which that the is locked . the by In the M to Km / H and M / H. to the / / In ” and

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