Galileo DB-135 Reflector Telescope (Jupiter & Moon video)

Galileo 1100x135mm (5″) DB-135 Reflector Telescope

I purchased this scope last week and in general it’s not bad, a nice alternative to my refractor. Some nice views of Jupiter with 25mm but no final verdict until I have collimated this.

The Dobsonian base is a little annoying as it moves really smooth until you get it outside in the cold then at the critical moment when you just need to center your target.. it sticks.

The CIR Electronic Finder doesn’t work, i;m looking at modifying this with a finder scope from an old Astral 500.

An additional charm to this telescope is the mysterious ‘Warner Bros’ metal plate on the front of the cabinet. Possible previous owner?

Surprisingly, I can find no discussion about this scope on the Internet boards

Post time: Sep-27-2017