Fotopro Compact Mini Tripod Review | Cell phone Holder Review

This is a Review of Fotopro EP-2 Mini tripod with cellphone/Iphone holder. It is also known as Fotopro EP-2 pocket tripod or Fotopro EP-2 compact tripod. Call it what it what ever, but it is a pocket tripod, so small in size that it perfectly fits in the palm. It comes with a Cellphone holder, Which you can call as a smartphone holder, but seller’s refer it as an Iphone holder because it is specially designed holding iphone. It is available on Amazon as I-stabilizer also. That is totally a different brand, but serves the same purpose.

There is an XL version of this one available on amazon . You can buy that if you have samsung galaxy S4 or Samsung galaxy S5.

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Post time: Aug-26-2017