Extremely Extensive Angle Lens Evaluation: Tamron fifteen-thirty f/two.eight, Canon sixteen-35 & Sigma

Hands-on review and attribute comparison of Full body extensive angle lenses like the new Tamron fifteen-thirty f/two.eight VC, the Canon sixteen-35 f/4 IS, the Canon seventeen-40 L and when compared to Canon eleven-24, Rokinon 14mm f2.eight and extra. Which extensive angle lens is finest for you?

Table of Contents
About Extensive Angle Lenses
one:twenty Extensive Angle vs Fisheye
one:35 Extensive Angle Works by using
three:twenty Extensive Angle Lenses Evaluation
5:twenty five What is in a mm? 15mm vs 16mm vs 17mm
6:40 Depth of Discipline with Extensive Angles and Illustrations
eight:twelve Extensive Angles for Movie
nine:thirteen Lens Critiques
fifteen:fifty five Last feelings on Extensive Angle Lenses

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