Cool Camera Attachments for Smart Phones (REVIEW)! Gizcam 3-in-1 Lenses.

These 3 lenses (the macro and wide angle lenses need to be unscrewed from each other) are very high quality, crystal clear (literally), and seem to be durable. All three lenses worked flawlessly as they made my camera angle much wider or allowed me to focus on one object without losing focus (which is usually a major limitation of phone cameras). The clip is also very high quality as it is strong, has a firm grip (lens does not fall off despite shaking phone), and has a rubberized surface that makes it comfortable to use and prevents it from scratching your phone.

The only con was that this product came without a manual, which made it a bit challenging for me to figure out how to attach the lens. However, once I realized that the lenses should be screwed onto the the clip, it was a piece of cake to assemble and use. Just screw the lens to the clip and then attach the clip over whatever small camera lens you want to use. It could be used on virtually any phone, webcam/laptop camera, or tablet. The lenses are pretty universal. You don’t need to adjust any settings on your phone, the camera adapts perfectly.

Each lens comes protected with a hard plastic cover (which you can reattach), and a small carrying pouch is included. They are made of durable and nice-looking stainless steel, so they are very portable. The clip protects the side of the lens that has no protective cover.

Tip #1: The macro lens is actually combined with the wide angle lens, so you will need to unscrew them from each other to get your third lens (macro lens).

Tip #2: You don’t need to look at your camera’s screen as you attach a lens to your phone’s lens. You can just align your phone’s lens in the center of the large lens, as I demonstrate in my video.

In summary:
- Crystal clear quality
- Very nice stainless steel finish
- Durable (high quality material)
- Comes with a protective plastic cover for each lens
- Macro lens allows you to get very close-up shots (which would normally be impossible with a smart phone)
- Wide angle and fish eye lenses considerably widen field of view (***without distorting the image***)
- Very easy and quick to use
- Three lenses are included (two come combined, so you need to separate them)
- Work flawlessly and without any complications on any small camera lens (such as phones, laptops, and tablets).
- Clip is high quality, nice-looking, and firm (lenses do not fall off despite shaking phone)
- Relatively cheap price

- No manual was included (but now that you know that you should screw the lens to the clip, you won’t need the manual anymore).

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Note: I received this product at a large discount in exchange for my review. I do *not* promise a positive review and only provide my honest and unbiased opinion. I hope it is helpful to you (please let me know you viewed it by voting).

Post time: Oct-21-2017