CO-AFM – Low-cost Open source Atomic Pressure Microscope

The layout of a lower expense, quasi nano-scale, Atomic Pressure Microscope (AFM), using 3d printing and open-source application.

The Atomic Pressure Microscope (AFM) was invented in the mid 1980′s. The AFM permits the observation of subject down to the nano-meter scale. With the AFM one particular is able of right observing and manipulating subject down to the one atom. It operates, in principle, pretty equivalent to a report player with a needle that is moved in excess of the floor of the item and its vibration utilised in the illustration of the information. A main difference is the use of a cantilever that amplifies the movement of this needle. Employing a laser light-weight source and a positional photograph-diode it is able of taking measurements as the specimen is moved below the needle. These measurements are later processed by a computer and represented in a graphical variety. AFM units, on the other hand are nevertheless pretty pricey and out of the reach for numerous folks.

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Post time: Sep-11-2016