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Cardo SmartPack Bluetooth Headset

The Cardo SmartPack Bluetooth Headset brings the best in motorcycle helmet communications units to a compact, easy-to-use platform for the best in connectivity and performance. In combining Bluetooth capabilities with Cardo’s Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC) system, the SmartPack Headset allows riders to interact with devices such as their GPS units and mobile phones, while also retaining the highest level of communication capabilities within the network of other Cardo comm-unit users. In using the DMC system, the SmartPack allows a group of 4 riders to remain connected at an unheard of range of up to 3 miles. At the same time, the riders can leave / re-join the group, or make use of their Bluetooth accessories without interfering with the rest of the group. Premium sound, durable construction, and premium technology from some of the best motorcycle helmet communicator manufacturers in the business are all hallmarks of the Cardo Smart Pack Bluetooth Headset.

Post time: Oct-20-2017