CamKix Smartphone Universal digicam lens holder kit

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Four Awesome Lenses – Get the Most Out of Your Apple iphone Photography

Four lenses to enable you capture amazing images

Fisheye: This lens will give your images a spherical, fish bowl effect although also performing as a huge angle lens.

Wide Angle: With it, you may now be capable to conquer what was after way too huge a scene to capture. Pop it on and extend the limitations of your lens to get large long cityscapes, huge team photographs and a lot more.

Macro: Capture moment information of objects in crisp detail, enables you to genuinely get shut to your subject matter.

8x Telephoto Get a obvious shot of topics normally way too far away to capture.

one x 8x Telephoto Lens
one x Fish Eye Lens
one x Macro Lens
one x Wide Angle Lens
one x Mini Tripod
one x Universal Mobile phone Holder
one x Hard Scenario
one x Mobile phone Bag
one – CamKix® Microfiber Cleansing Fabric

Suitable with:
Apple Apple iphone five and 5S (not 5C)

Post time: Sep-10-2016