CamKix Premium 3-in-1 Compact Tripod (GoPro, Action Cam, & Smart Phones) – Review

This CamKix 3-in-1 tripod base arrived on time and in excellent condition.

This is an *amazing* tripod! It is made of high quality material, is sturdy, has good grip, and most importantly comes with two adapters for GoPro action cameras as well as smart phones (up to 3.5″ in width). These adapters also work very well. Besides the universal screw that connects with almost any camera, the smart phone extension can be used to hold any camera that might not fit on the screw.

My Sony Action Cam (with the case) was easily connected to the screw and was held very firmly in place. Since my Sony Action Cam requires its waterproof case in order to be screwed on to the tripod (since the camera itself has no screw hole), the microphone reception would not be the greatest while my camera is in its case. However, the smart phone adapter was able to hold my Action Cam (without a case) very securely. This allowed me to get the best microphone reception while having a sturdy and very maneuverable tripod. Thank you so much, CamKix!

The stainless steel ball bearing provides a wide range of movement yet can firmly lock the camera in place. There is a very ergonomic lock switch, which you simply push in order to allow the ball bearing to move. It works fantastically and very reliably. I love it.

This tripod can be used in a variety of applications, from shooting review videos on a table to catching that awesome stunt that you did on your skateboard/bike from a low point of view. What is ingenious about this tripod is that it allows you to screw on a CamKix selfie stick in order to make your tripod taller (which isn’t necessary for me). The selfie stick is relatively cheap, so its combination with the tripod would still be very good value.

In Summary:

- High quality and durable
- Great grip
- Connects to almost any camera (via screw) and includes a GoPro adapter and a smart phone adapter (which can be used on anything!)
- Holds camera very sturdily (including a lock– no more traditional screws that take a long time to be readjusted whenever you change the angle)
- Lock is ergonomic and easy to use
- Wide degree of motion
- Stainless steel ball bearing
- Can be extended with a CamKix selfie stick (allowing you to have a very compact tripod or a tall tripod)
- Cheap price
- Money-back guarantee

- None

Overall, based on its high quality, outstanding performance, and very smart design, I must give this tripod a score of 10/10. I highly recommend this tripod for any person who wants to conveniently shoot videos (or photos) for a wide variety of applications and using different cameras/phones. Given this product’s low price and has a money back guarantee, I think it would be very hard to find a better tripod for a similar or lower price.

Note: I received this product at a large discount in exchange for my review. I do *not* promise a positive review and only provide my honest and unbiased opinion. I hope it is helpful to you (please let me know you viewed it by voting).

Post time: Oct-10-2017