Bluetooth Headset on Harley Growth Box Infotainment Process? Do-it-yourself

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Precise Objects Outlined/Needed FOR HACKED BLUETOOTH Setup WITH HARLEY Growth BOX INFOTAINMENT Process:

For a Harley Extremely/entire touring design presently geared up with a 7 pin communications port:

one. Sena SM10 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 7 Pin DIN Cable for Harley-Davidson Touring

REVZILLA: on-7071126-…


2. Sena SM10 Twin Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter

REVZILLA: on-7071126-…


** Alternative (less high priced transmitter-functions w/ Sena SMH10 Headset):
Indigo BTR9 Wi-fi Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter


3. Sena SMH-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

REVZILLA: on-7071126-…


For Harley Road Glides/Road Glides
**(one extra product required)

one. (More Item Needed) Growth Audio Audio & Communications Package (Portion #69200865)
**Provides a 7 pin conversation port to your Harley & plugs into a stock OEM plug behind your fairing


We get a ton of e-mail and question on our YouTube Channel about pairing a bluetooth headset “straight” with the Harley Davidson Growth Box Infotainment procedure. We have completed substantially do the job behind the scenes testing and studying this matter for all you Bikaholics out there. Stop browsing the messy & puzzling bike message boards. We have the answers suitable below to all your inquiries. We get our data from numerous reliable sources & the biker group.

The Reply:

The remedy to the question is, no. At the moment, you are not able to “straight” pair any latest brand of wireless bluetooth headset with the Harley Growth Box. Harman Kardon, the creator of the Growth Box, did not make the Growth Box to accept what is actually identified as an HSP, headset profile. They only developed it with what is actually identified as an HFP, hand’s no cost profile, to sync with equipment these types of as smartphones and MP3 gamers. My prediction is the latest variations of the Growth Box will in no way have an HSP. It’s possible a future design of the Growth Box will have it.

Recognize, the Growth Box was precisely designed to do the job with a wired headset only. That really won’t hassle me, because the great quality wired headsets do the job good and there are no head aches that go alongside with bluetooth syncing. It is just one wire that plugs into your 7 pin communications port anyhow.

If a future bluetooth heaset that “straight” pairs with the Harley Growth Box will become obtainable we will definitely allow you know.

Hacks & Work Arounds: (Constraints with Functionality)

The main hack is to go out and purchase a Sena 3.5mm stereo jack to 7 pin DIN cable for 1998 & later on Harley Davidson touring. Next you can purchase a bluetooth stereo transmitter. 3rd, you will need a wireless bluetooth headset. And for about $three hundred-$four hundred you can then drive regardless of what is coming out of the Growth Box to the bluetooth headset, by means of the bluetooth transmittter. (Total list of particular merchandise and price ranges underneath)

Recognize, you are not able to go back into the Growth Box and give voice instructions with this totally wireless bluetooth headset hack. You can only listen to your songs and flip by flip directions in your headset. You can listen to your CB if you touring types has that.

We even contacted Sena Systems straight and they are less than eager to declare their SMH10 headset is produced or functions well with the Growth Box procedure.They even steered us toward just obtaining an proper wired headset for serious funcitionality. We published our e-mail to Sena and their reaction at the bottom of this article.

Take note: Be careful about what bluetooth transmitter you purchase as some only transmit in mono.

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