Bluedio R Bluetooth Stereo Headset HiFi Music Experience/ Wireless Headphones Pairing Review

I reviewed this item in 2014, but there is a better headphones that are much more cheaper by the same brand. I suggest you checkout Bluedio Turbine

The item in this video

The world first 8 sound tracks Bluetooth headset, bring you astonishing HiFi music experience.
Bluedio R headset with 2pcs 50mm built in 100Ω woofers, and 6pcs 13mm 32Ω 3D drivers, bring you astonishing Hi-Fi home theatre and music experience that you never have. After simple pairing, BluedioR can achieve function such as wireless communication, listening to music, network communication and enjoying movie. Also it will change to ringtone automatically when you are listening to music or enjoying movie under Bluetooth, Micro-SD card or LINE-IN mode. You won’t miss any incoming call.

1.Support LINE-IN: With 3.5mm jack, just plug in 3.5mm audio cable, can be connect with mobile or computer, listening to music.

2.Support Micro-SD card music playing: Can play music of MP3 and WMA format through Micro-SD card up to 32GB. With up to 20 hours music time and up to 325 hours ultra long strong standby time. You can enjoy ultra long stereo music comfortably

3.Trendy and elegant outlook: With elegant piano coating and mirror design over Bluedio R Bluetooth headset, leading headset design of Bluedio brand.

4.Extremely portable flexible headband: With foldable headband, you can fold it into a smaller size, more convenient for carrying. The headband can be adjusted to fit different customer’s request.

5.Maxim amplifier: Amplifying sound effect, and noise cancellation provide better quality of music and communication.

Bluedio R Technical Specifications

Charged by Micro-USB 5-pin/300mA charging galvanic
650mA Polymer rechargeable battery
Operating distance: 10-20m free space
Transmitting power: Class 2
3D driver combination, with 2pcs built in 100Ω woofers and 6pcs 32Ω 3D drivers
Sensitivity: 110db
Frequency range: 5-25kHz
Frequency response: 20-22kHz
Power consumption of Bluetooth stereo: 28mA
Music play time: up to 20 hours
Standby time: up to 325 hours
Charging time: 3-4.5 hours
Headset net weight:283g
Body Size:190*190*80mm
Box Size:280*170*96mm

(3.5mmPlug) audio cable 1pc
USB charging cable 1pc
Pouch 1pc
User manual 1pc

Packing Standard:
Packing: 10 Gifts Box/Carton
Carton Box Size: 49.5*35.5*30cm
Gross weight: 9.6kg
Net weight: 9.1kg

Post time: Oct-02-2017