BINO-DIO mixture binoculars and transistor radio (Manufactured in Japan circa mid sixties)

This unconventional 6 transistor radio is constructed into a pigskin binocular scenario and arrived with a pair of cheap binoculars. Like most mixture radio + (other product) novelties that arrived out of Japan in the 1960′s, its not of particularity higher high quality, but the radio and binoculars are usable. The established was not meant to at any time be repaired, so I had to tear off the panel that holds the battery to get at the chassis to repair this established. I recorded this online video above a thirty day period ago and it has the similar ISO difficulties as my other films from then, but I am at this time ill, so I am releasing some of the films I held back again for just this kind of an occasion.

Post time: Oct-17-2016