Audi A4 B7 Mini H1 Bi xenon projector headlight retrofit total tutorial

The Audi A4 B7 is a extremely common automobile with a luxurious physical appearance. Your automobile did not arrived out of the Audi factory with OEM xenon headlights? No need to have to worry. With our Bi-xenon mini H1 twin kit it is really now doable to change your headlights to correct Bi-xenon projectors! Test out our total instruction video clip on how to retrofit your headlight with these great projectors and compete with OEM setups for a fraction of their charge!

:01 Take away the caps from the rear
:05 Bake the headlight to soften the sealing
:11 We place the headlight in a carton box and warmth it
:fifteen 1600 Watt heatgun for 16 minutes
:23 Take away the lens clips and rubber
:forty four Seperate the lens from the housing utilizing a flat screw driver
one:14 Take away the H7 halogen bulb cap
one:twenty break off the cap channel with a plier
one:28 Put the modest rubber washer around the projector shaft
one:33 Insert the Bi-xenon solenoid wires by way of the cap shaft and insert the projector by way of the fitting
one:forty three Put the H7 adapter ring and secure the projector nut
one:fifty nine Do not tighten it entirely nevertheless, you could possibly want to do some ultimate rotational adjustment when the headlights are mounted on the automobile
two:04 Mount the bulb holder
two:twenty Click on the shroud centric ring inside of the shroud (this shroud has been modified for fitment)
two:23 Use a couple drops of glue to be guaranteed the shroud will keep on
two:fifty Take away all finger prints utilizing a wonderful cloth
3:00 If you want, apply some butyl to make guaranteed the headlight will be cost-free of moisture
3:twenty Press the lens on the housing and bake it once again
3:forty eight Now that the sealant is tender, push the lens on the housing utilizing pliers and secure the lens by inserting the steel clips
4:17 Put the solenoid plug again on the wires
4:25 Hook up the H7 higher beam splitter for the solenoid to functionality collectively with the H7 halogen higher beam
4:49 Drill a twenty-22mm hole in the bulb cap to manual the wires by way of
five:16 The wires will be related to the ballast and H7 minimal beam plug. Since the Audi A4 B7 has Canbus, this is the only wiring setup that can be employed
five:22 Insert the bulb in the projector and secure it with the clip
five:forty eight Hook up the 12V ballast wires the right way, pink to the yellow cable (+ constructive) and black to brown (- negative)
6:07 Click on the cap again on, you are prepared to do mount the headlight to the automobile and love a luxurious Bi-xenon projector headlight! :-)
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